Exploring the safety net: public authorities’ duties to vulnerable persons

SWALA and Bevan Brittan held a seminar, chaired by HHJ Cotter QC (Designated Civil Judge for Bristol), on 7 September 2017.  It addressed  topical legal issues underpinning public authorities’ duties owed to homeless households, individuals without recourse to public funds, and vulnerable young people in Calais.

Speakers and topics:

‘Strategic Litigation and the Dublin Regulations – Vulnerable young people from Calais to Bristol’ – Sian Pearce, Avon and Bristol Law Centre, with Safe Passage UK

‘Supporting adults and children with no recourse to public funds’ – Rhys Hadden, Guildhall Chambers

PSED and homelessness – Toby Huggins, Unity Street Chambers and Trevor Watt, Bevan Brittan

HHJ Cotter QC also took a few moments to inform local practitioners of forthcoming improvements to the administration and listing of administrative court matters in Bristol.  This will be significant in the development of Bristol as a hearing centre.

The seminar was well attended and followed by a networking opportunity over drinks and nibbles.


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